About Us

For over thirty years Arredamenti Oben has specialized in the production of furniture and furnishings of great prestige and value. Using skill and precision, we create unique pieces according to the specific needs and tastes of the customer. We deal in all phases of the product, from design to finishing. Mr. Bazzini, is a highly experienced and skilled craftsman, whose refined work allows the production of furniture and home accessories that will give your space an unmistakable touch of class. We create design solutions which are both functional and at the same time of undoubted elegance, which combine practicality and beauty, these are essential characteristics especially if you want to decorate a room in a complete manner. We use only wood and raw materials of great value that we will be happy to pick with you.

Since our beginnings, we have restored antique and vintage furniture and, if these are irrecoverable, we take care of the faithful reconstruction of the original.

We perform gilding with gold leaf, imitation gold, silver, etc.

We design and execute furniture for shops, cellars, offices, meeting rooms, classic kitchens, extendible tables up to 5mt and beyond. We take care of routine maintenance for the house.

If you are looking for a piece of furniture or furnishing accessories which is unique and valuable, Arredamenti Oben will bring your dreams to life with professionalism and great skill. To discover more and feel the quality of our work for yourself, come visit us in our workshop located in via Leno, 6/F in Isorella in the province of Brescia. You can also contact us by telephone on the number +39 339 2585349 or write to the email address chiaraba20@gmail.com


Arredamenti Oben makes customized doors and gates adapting their design according to the customer's taste and the context in which will be set, from choosing the wood to finishing with decorations of any kind.

Bathroom Cabinets

We design and construct furniture, cabinets and accessories to decorate the bathroom.

Our furniture

Our furniture is made with fine wood and attention to detail. Come and discover our creations; we are in via Leno, 6/F in Isorella.